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We provide complete, data Network Tech Support, both wired and wireless. We know how to diagnose the issue, troubleshoot it, and provide a fast, effective solution.

Many business users have a wireless network, but often, these can pose security issues. If your network isn’t properly secured, anyone with a small amount of experience in computers and networking can discover your data, personal information and more. If they wanted, they could
even take over your network and lock you out.

If your network wasn’t set up by a professional, chances are there are some kinks that need to be worked out – particularly in the server room. Mixed up, messy cables and server configurations can make troubleshooting your network and computer issues impossible..

 We offer:

  • Complete tech support and maintenance for networks
  • Wired & wireless networking, including designing, securing, installing, and troubleshooting these networks
  • New network implementations
  • Network cleanup
  • Network performance optimization

At ProTel, we help you design and set-up the perfect / Secure network. We’ll also clean up your existing network set-up, label your cable runs and make troubleshooting and managing your systems a breeze